The Curry Cycle Detrend indicator is a simple-to-use indicator for determining where past cycle bottoms and tops have been registered for any particular cycle. This indicator is useful, for the analyst who wants to know (1) where these bottoms and tops have been made in the past, and (2) for being able to analyze the same in detail for future trading purposes.


I created this indicator so that I could quickly ‘see’ these prior turns (tops/bottoms) in the market; in other words, to get a good visual representation of the same. Here is what it looks like on a chart:




Curry Cycle Detrend Indicator for Tradestation Platform

The chart above shows the SPX CASH index, along with the Curry Cycle Detrend indicator,

showing an approximate 72-90 trading day cycle, which is one of the main cycles that I track in my daily reports. With this indicator, we can clearly see the prior bottoms and tops for this particular cycle (please note: the blue and red arrows I have added on this chart are for illustration purposes - they won’t show up on your chart!).


I should also point out that, due to their nature, detrends are lagging indicators; that is, they won’t show bottoms and tops as they are made in real-time. Again, this indicator is for showing PAST bottoms and tops, so that the analyst will be able to analyze them in detail, to be able to get some idea of what can be expected from the cycle in the near future.


This indicator is the same one that I use in my daily and weekly outlooks, to show prior bottoms and tops for each of the particular cycles that I track. The indicator itself is customizable, and only two inputs are required. A short user manual accompanies the same.


Note: The Curry Cycle Detrend indicator is for the Tradestation platform only; you must be able to import an ELS file in order for the indicator to work.


You can purchase the Curry Cycle Detrend below for only $45.00. Once payment is confirmed through PayPal I will email you the file, also the short manual that accompanies it.