Cycle Indicators for Tradestation Platform

The Curry Cycle Detrend indicator is a simple-to-use indicator for determining where past cycle bottoms and tops have been registered for any particular cycle. This indicator is useful, for the analyst who wants to know (1) where these bottoms and tops have been made in the past, and (2) for being able to analyze the same in detail for future trading purposes. With this indicator you can quickly ‘see’ the prior bottoms and tops with any cycle of any length. This indicator is the same one that I use in each of my market reports.





Over the years I have received quite a bit of email, with the question: “where can I get indicators like the ones you use in your market reports?”. With that, I have decided to make available some of the indicators that I have developed (out of necessity) for use in cyclic analysis. Below is a brief description of the current offerings; I plan on adding more in the future, as time permits. You can read a brief description of each, then click on the link for more information and to order.

The Dominant Short and Mid-Cycle Indicators are excellent for tracking a regular occurring cycle of between 10 and 20 bars in length (for the short-cycle), and around 30-40 bars (for the mid-cycle). These indicators are fairly smooth, but yet also turn quickly after cycle bottoms or tops - about as much as you could ask for in such indicators. Also, these indicators work about as well for the hourly chart as they do for the daily and weekly charts. The indicators are also helpful for spotting divergences from prior tops and bottoms.